Hospital Credentialing

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Do you want to save time and reduce liability? By partnering with the expert advisors at Nationwide Medical Licensing, you’ll provide your healthcare system with convenient and reliable licensure results. We assist or ultimately become your credentialing department through auto-renewal, hospital onboarding, medical licensing, hospital credentialing, and insurance.

Credentialing for Patient-Centered Care.

Established in 2007, Nationwide Medical Licensing is dedicated to ensuring that anyone working at a hospital is adequately trained and fully compliant with the designated protocols. With more than 15 years in the licensure field, Nationwide Medical Licensing delivers hospital credentialing services across 50 states, plus Washington DC, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam.

Hospital credentialing is founded on the principle that hospitals are responsible for ensuring the highest quality of care possible for their patients. To accomplish this goal, those facilities must verify their healthcare providers’ proficiency by collecting, verifying, and evaluating data.  

Need Hospital Credentialing?

Secure Hospital Credentialing Services.

We offer seamless, high-quality hospital credentialing services at Nationwide Medical Licensing. We assist healthcare providers who are frustrated with the process of medical licensing and experiencing urgency/deadlines by providing 100% credentialing management.

By combining our in-depth expertise in the industry with our knowledge and skills, we can help hospitals evaluate and verify the qualifications of their healthcare providers, ensuring they possess the necessary qualifications to provide medical services to patients. We ensure that anyone carrying out work at a hospital is adequately trained and fully compliant with the designated protocols.

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