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Is your service an expediting service?

Once your application is complete at the medical boards, they have their own regulations and time lines that they follow. We can ensure that your application is processed at our office and shipped to you for review in an expedited fashion. We also guarantee that your credentialing requests will be made in a timely manner and followed up with accordingly.

Why should I use your services versus doing it myself?

We assume the burden! Our company is devoted to obtaining your medical license fast and efficiently. We do all the administrative work so you don't have to. With our assistance, the long process of applying for a medical license is simple and stress free. In most cases all you have to do is sign the application. We make it our business to care for you while you care for your patients.

How long can I expect the process to take?

The processing time will vary from state to state. Each state board has their own processing and evaluating procedures. Once your application is received, you can be licensed in as little as 6 weeks for physicians and as soon as 3 weeks for nurses. Contact us today for more information on your particular state.

Why is your credentialing and shipping fee separate from the initial fee?

Because each state has different requirements, there will be different credentialing fees. We only charge you the fees which we incur when verifying and shipping your credentials to the state medical board.

Once I submit my application, when can I expect to hear from your company?

Once your information packet is submitted either online or by mail, you can expect to hear from a Licensing consultant within one to two business days.

If I am a foreign graduate, can I still get licensed in the USA?

As long as you are certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) you can get a license in most USA states.

If I have something in my criminal record, can I still get a license?

Our highly trained staff will submit an application with the best chance of you receiving your license. You will need to provide documents directly from the court house and an explanation for the event on your criminal history. We can not guarantee you a license, as each board has different policies for criminal acts. Be sure to inform us of anything on your record, no matter how long ago, when you sign up for our services. Failure to do so could get your license denied.

What is your refund policy?

  • Withdrawal after application completed: 50% of credentialing invoice. 
  • Withdrawal after verifications completed: 25% of credentialing invoice.
  • Withdrawal after follow up begins no refund will be issued.
  • Initial Fee is Non-Refundable
  • If you are denied a license because of our error: 100% of initial fee will be credited and you will not be responsible for any other cost, penalty, fess, damages, etc.
  • Any refund issued by Nationwide Medical Licensing will be in the form of a credit toward future licensing services (excluding shipping and handling fees).

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