Commonly Asked Questions:

This varies based on multiple factors (volume of board applications, whether or not the application is compact, boards that meet on a monthly or quarterly schedule to issue licenses, etc.). There are still many factors within your control. You must complete your criminal background check (if necessary) as early as possible, as this may take several weeks to process. Also, the sooner we receive the documents needed to process your applications, the sooner we can begin credentialing them.

You/your company will be assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager and Processing Team here at Nationwide Medical Licensing. They will be assigned to all of your state applications and therefore will be your personal point of contact throughout the licensing process.

Certemy is the licensing platform that we use to complete and track your application process. If further instruction is needed, please reach out to your processor.

Our team will communicate with you throughout the entire process via phone call, email, and within your very own portal in our user-friendly licensing software, Certemy. We will send you weekly check-in emails as well as reminders if any items are needed from you during the process. You are also encouraged to email or call with any questions or directives you may have.

Yes. It is required so we can have all your documents and data in one location to ensure smooth application processes. It will also enable you to see updates on the status of the application as well as store your CEUs and Board Logins.

All the current provider login information can be found on Certemy. When you have logged in, hover over your profile in the top right-hand corner. When the drop down has occurred, click on “View Profile.” Here you will see your Organizational Custom Fields. When you scroll to the bottom, you will see all your board login information.

You can see what CMEs are required for your state of licensure by logging into Certemy. When logged in, click “My Licenses” on the top toolbar. From there, you can select each state and see what actions are required from you. If your state requires a CME, a task will be listed as “Continued Education Requirement.” You will then be able to complete those requirements with helpful links.

Each state’s fingerprint requirements differ from state to state and do not accept previously rolled fingerprints. They do have to be recent fingerprints sent to each board.

The board requires multiple documents to verify your application’s correct information. Once they are all submitted, there will be limited instances in which further documentation is required.

Yes. We offer a renewal service to help maintain your licenses.

See our process on our How it Works page.

  • By ACH – You may pay us by ACH through your bank. Please reach out to accounting@nmlicensing.com for more information.
  • By Credit Card – We accept credit card payments. A 3.5% service charge will be applied to the invoice.
    • Fill out the bottom of the invoice and mail it to: 431 N Wickham Rd., Melbourne, FL 32935
    • Scan the invoice with credit card information and email it to: accounting@nmlicensing.com
    • Call our Accounting Department at (321) 802-6237. We can take your credit card over the phone to process payment.
  • By Personal Checks – They’re always accepted.
    • Please mail to: 431 N. Wickham Rd., Melbourne, FL 32935
  1. Our cybersecurity. We are HI-TRUST certified and have a secure server.
  2. We’re proactive with communication and attentive.
  3. We’re a female-owned, second-generation family-run business with over a decade of experience with a dedicated in-house staff (not remote).
  1. Maintenance/Auto-Renewal/Tracking
  2. Provider Onboarding
  3. Medical Licensing
  4. Hospital Credentialing
  5. Provider Enrollment/Insurance

It depends on how minor or major the incident was. We will review your eligibility with the state and see what their requirements are if something comes up from your past.

Certainly! As long as we receive the documentation needed from you for licensure and any necessary logins, we are more than happy to take the load off your shoulders.

Yes. We complete applications such as Reinstatements, Multistate Upgrades, Interstate Medical Licensure, FCVS, Uniform applications, and DEAs.