Provider Onboarding

Why Choose Us for Provider Onboarding? 

Medical professionals (like yourself) can see more than 1,400 patients a year, so you deserve support from a medical licensing company with integrity, ethics, and compassion. Nationwide Medical Licensing is just that. Our talented team of Licensing Processors assists thousands of doctors and nurses each year by submitting their applications, requesting, and following up on all third-party requests until the license is issued. 

The experienced team at Nationwide Medical Licensing is dedicated to becoming an essential part of your growing business by assisting, or even wholly becoming, your credentialing department. We consider it an honor and a privilege to serve the heroes who safeguard our health and take care of us in our time of need.

Expertly Integrated Onboarding

Need more assistance with new hires? We can integrate with your medical staff team and take over onboarding and licensing in your new locations to ensure the best start possible.

Our Onboarding Team will gather the initial documents needed to create a provider profile. As the profile is created, they will research each state’s requirements to ensure the provider is eligible for the requested states. This is done by working closely with the provider or your organization’s CVO to gather your provider’s information.

Onboarding and Medical Licensing

Ensure your providers have the best start possible in their new roles at your facility, hospital, or clinic. We ensure compliance with facility rules and regulations and state/local laws and regulations. Let us take care of the paperwork, background checks, certification verifications, and more, giving providers and your HR department a much smoother transition to your new relationship.

Our dedicated Sales Team will determine your needs, provide a quote, and facilitate moving forward. We will also recommend the best state batches and form a business plan.

We at Nationwide Medical Licensing do all the heavy lifting involved with licensure, so you don’t have to. Our concierge licensing service specializes in obtaining and maintaining licenses on your behalf, taking your burden off so you can focus on your patients.

From start to finish, our HIPAA-certified team of experts takes immense pride in our diligence, persistence, and skills. We are confident we can meet the challenges ahead and deliver an effective licensing solution.

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