How It Works

Nationwide Medical Licensing provides a full spectrum of medical licensing and credentialing services specifically designed to save time and reduce stress. Find out how our proven process works and precisely what it entails, step by step.

Needs Assessment (circles back, if needed)

    • Identify needs

Integration (only happens the first time)

    • Points of contact
    • Handoff account to the team

Five Main Projects:

    • Maintenance/Auto-renewal/Tracking
    • Provider Onboarding
    • Medical Licensing
    • Hospital Privileging & Credentialing
    • Provider Enrollment/Insurance 

Additional Services:

    • Priority (Rush)
    • State Board Profile Updates
    • Fingerprinting
    • 24/7 Notarization
    • Board-Approved CVs
    • Hospital Credentialing
    • Hospital Privileging
    • Multi-State License Upgrades (Compact)

Ongoing Relationship

    • Ongoing access, consulting, additional services

Your licensure journey begins with calling us at 321-622-9030

or filling out our contact form and scheduling a needs assessment.